Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is one of the oldest student organizations of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The Motto of the organization is “Worship, Study and Service”. MGOCSM brings together our students in various colleges and high schools with a view to deepen their spiritual life and to kindle in them a livelier sense of Christian fellowship. The greatest contribution the movement had made to the church is that, it has prepared and provided able and outstanding leaders to the church. We humbly beseech Thee for the Heavenly Blessings to be showered upon us and also seek the blessings of our Patron Saint Mar Gregorios of Parumala.of the major spiritual organization of the church combining all the female members. It is spread throughout the world in all the 24 Dioceses and functioning in all parishes of the church. The organization was founded in 1920 aimed at the spiritual progress of women. The founders named it “Marth Mariam Samajam”after the Blessed Virgin Mary whom they accepted as their interceding saint.

Vice Presidents: Benita Baby & Ebin Thomas

Secretary: Sairah Cherian

Treasurer: Joicy Cherian

Joint Secretary: Leah Thomas

Joint Treasurer: Rohit Mathew

Coordinators: Jim Cherian & Prince Paul

Area/Diocesan Representative: Marina Alex

Community Service Coordinators: Joel Manoj

Community Service Coordinators: Shalin Itty


For further information MGOCSM and Youth groups can be reached at